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Seattle Metaphysical Library Events
Click the picture for a map to the Library in Ballard. Click the picture for parking information and street views of the building in Ballard.

We welcome the participation of new members and volunteers to help build a useful and valued community resource!

SML Supporters Meeting Oct 19, 2019

Metaphysical Library Supporters Meeting

Saturday, October 19, 2019
10:30 - 2:30

Ballard Public Library
5614 22nd Ave. N.W.
Free parking - enter on NW 56th street.

Help the Seattle Metaphysical Library make the most of its wonderful collections!
Join committed Library members (please be current) for an in-depth discussion of core library issues, values and future developments.

Tarot Class Saturday am

Tarot Through Jungian Eyes

Sunday, October 20, 2019
10:30 am to 1 pm
$10 (half goes to support the Library)

Facilitated by Kathy Eckert, MSW

The month of Samhain, aka Halloween, works out beautifully for our final Jungian class.

Much of Jung's psychological foundation is based on the Collective Unconscious, which is made up of ancestral and spiritual energy, the very forces that are so strong at this time of year.

For this reason, much of our work for this month's class will focus on honoring and tuning into the wisdom of our biological and spiritual ancestors.

As part of this session, we will be setting up an ancestor altar, and I hope you will feel free to bring any photos or remembrances of ancestors that are meaningful to you, to add to our ancestor altar.

A Few Notes about the Ancestor Altar

  1. For the basis of our ancestor altar, we'll use the little blue table, covered with an altar cloth, with a tri-fold display board for putting up any pictures or papers we choose for the altar.
  2. "Honoring our ancestors" doesn't mean you have to become a genealogy expert. We're talking about spiritual ancestors, not necessarily blood relatives. They may, of course, be parents or grandparents, but they could also be the ancestors of our heritage - racial or cultural - even if we don't know their names. Or they could be deceased friends, or even pets, as long as they have helped shape who you are spiritually.
  3. For the ancestor altar, a photo, or an item that belonged to any spiritual ancestor, is good. (Also, it can be an individual, a group of people or a nonhuman entity that means a lot to you.) And other symbols work just as well as photos. For example, if you are honoring your Scottish heritage, you may want to bring a piece of plaid cloth to symbolize the spiritual clan. Or, if you identify with a group of craftsmen, how about a hammer or other tool? Or, if you feel a strong affinity to the victims of the Puritan witchhunts, how about a shawl or some type of clothing they might have worn? Use your imagination - that type of energy in itself is attractive to the psychic connections we want.
  4. There are no specific rules about the formation of the ancestor altar. The most important thing is that your energy of love and remembrance goes into it.
  5. To aid any ancestor communication, we'll both put the photos/ remembrances of the ancestors on the altar and write any questions/requests to the ancestors on slips of paper and place them there, as well, So, between now and then, please be thinking of both any photo or remembrance item you'd like to use and anything you'd like to ask your ancestor.
  6. Also, our ancestor spirits love food offerings, (and so do all of us!), so please feel free to bring any snacks or drinks you'd like to share, and we'll make up a plate and cup to put on the altar.

Parking: If you are driving by car, give yourself about 15 minutes to gind a parking place - the Ballard Farmers Market is happening at the same time, and takes up a of parking.

Hope to see as many of you as possible!

You can contact Kathy directly at kathy (at) seattlemetaphysicallibrary (dot) org or (206) 595-1661 if you have questions about the class or would like to be on her mailing list.

Weird Science

November 1, 7:30 pm to 11 pm


Meetings of Seattle's "weird sciences group" will take place the first Friday of each month and yes, the general public is very welcome to attend.


Email Bill at billb@eskimo.com and ask to be put on the Seattle weird-science email announcements list, or see http://amasci.com/wsci

You can see his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/wbeaty/videos
William J. Beaty http://staff.washington.edu/wbeaty/
beaty, chem washington ed Research Engineer
billb (at) amasci (dot) com
UW Chem Dept, Bagley Hall RM74

Box 351700, Seattle, WA 98195-1700