2220 NW Market St., L-05
Ballard, WA 98107
(206) 329-1794

The Seattle Metaphysical Library

The Seattle Metaphysical Library (legally known as the AS-YOU-LIKE-IT Library) was established in Seattle in 1961. We have grown over the past six decades to hold over 16,000 books plus many hundreds of audio and video tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines and newspaper clippings on a variety of esoteric and controversial topics - material designed to help remove the Veil of Maya - the veil of illusion - from our eyes and help us grow into the fully-realized humans that is our natural birthright.

We are an all-volunteer, independent resource center providing esoteric and alternative material and events to support personal growth to enhance our understanding of ourselves, the universe and our place in it.

We are [usually - not during this COVID lockdown] open to the respectful public. There is no charge for browsing the materials or reading at our location. Operating expenses are paid for by our subscribers, who are able to borrow material. Find out more about becoming a supporter here.

We also host a variety of ongoing events and groups - see a listing on the right, and details on our Events page.


Open 2 - 6 pm Friday
Open 2 - 6 pm Sunday

PLEASE NOTE: We are open usually two days a week, Friday or Saturday, and almost always on Sundays.
Whether the floating open day is Friday or Saturday depends on whether someone has called to schedule it.
If something is scheduled for Friday, then usually Saturday is not available (but there are always exceptsions!)
Sometimes a volunteer can schedule another day to be opened, as well. And sometimes, a volunteer will be here, unschduled, so feel free to call and see if someone will be here.
We will open up again to the general public when the lockdown ends. We are just too small to be able to maintain social distancing.
To make an appointment, you can leave a voice mail at 206-329-1794, or email

Please feel free to send an email to if you would like to post something on the website, or send out a message in the newsletter.

One of the benefits of our Library is an opportunity to interact with other people who share your intersts. One way of allowing that exchange to continue is to reactivate the blog, and post contributions in the newsletter.

Supporters Meeting We will continue to have our Supporters meetings once a month, as a Zoom meeting. If you are interested in being part of the support team that keeps the Library running, and would like to participate in the Zoom meeting, email for the Zoom invitation.

Click Here to see Book Reviews
Click Here to see some of the books we have for sale.

Visit our CafePress Store and buy S.M.L. Logo T-Shirts and Merchandise.

A great way to support and help promote the Library!

Call for Volunteers

We are always interested in reliable volunteers who care about the Library. Meet other people with the same esoteric interests that you have.  The Library has over 16,000 books, and they need to stay organized by category - volunteering is a great way to see what the Library has to offer. We also need help with publicity, fundraising, helping members and visitors, leading discussion groups and events. E-mail us or stop by if interested.

Book Sale

We are a library, not a bookstore.
We occassionally sell books which have been donated and will not fit in our small space. Stop by and browse, we have some great titles available right now, and they are all very reasonably priced, most in the $2 - $4 range.

Library Contents

Mind-Body Healing, Rife Technologies, Goddess Studies, Ancient Egypt, Alternative Health, Ayervedic Medicine, Christianity, Buddhism, Art, Chinese Philosophy, UFOs, Gender Studies, Parapsychology, Dead Sea Scrolls, New Physics, Rudolf Steiner, Alchemy, Astronomy, Shamanism, Sufism, Qabbala, Herbalism, Ancient Near East, Atlantis, Pre-Columbian America, Theosophy, Magik, Tarot, Near Death research, Tibetan Buddhism, History, Politics and Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Occult Fiction, Science Fiction, Tesla Technologies, Edgar Cayce, Comparative Religion, Yoga, Consciousness Studies, and much more!

For a detailed list of topics please see our Booklist page.


Some people have difficulty finding our location, or a place to park. With good reason!

Click here for a map to our Library:

Click here for a map of parking near the Library, bus map, and street views of the front and back doors

We are located in the basement of the Kress Building, in Ballard. The sign on the building is very small, on a list by the glass door between Bop Street Records and the Pie Bar. We have a sign on the glass door with our open hours.
When we are open, there should be a sandwich board sign on the street with our name and logo.

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Upcoming Events

Weird Science Salon, first Friday at 7 pm
Tarot Class Sunday, 10:30 am

Tarot Zoom Class with Kathy Eckert

Human Origins Book Club - Zoom