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Science and the Akashic Field:

An Integral Theory of Everything

By Ervine Laszlo
Publisher: Inner Traditions (2004)
224 pages

Reviewed by Jaxob Ophiuch

A two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, systems theorist, founder of the think tanks Club of Budapest and General Evolution Research Group, and author of 83 books, Ervin Lazlo is a force of consciousness shifting and positive inertia for mankind.

The Akashic Experience is a book written for a world community that experiences a spiritual famine due to a dominant paradigm of scientific materialism that provokes and promulgates doubting of the soul, denial of spirit, and a refusal of the possibility that mind creates matters as it moves and consciousness manifests the reality we experience.

In response, the text includes original work by Lazlo himself, as well as 20 experienced authorities in such fields as psychiatry, physics, philosophy, spirituality, anthropology, art, natural healing, near-death experiences, and supposes that these diverse subjects and all subjects are interconnected by the Akashic Field: a cosmic memory field of collected consciousness that informs intelligent life by way of intuition, instinct and morphogenesis, all bypassing the physical senses.

The writers include the visionary artist Alex Grey; cutting edge psychologists Stanislov Grof and Stanley Krippner; Eric Pearl, who imparts the new energy healing he calls Reconnective Healing; theYogi Swami Kriyananda; Aeronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Edgar Mitchell (the sixth man to walk on the moon); as well as fourteen others whose testimonials of Akashic experiences lend new credits to an ancient idea embraced by many traditional indigenous societies.

This incredible work shows that these experiences point to the aforementioned cosmic memory field that contains all information and existing outside temporal reality, simultaneously in the past/present/future´┐ŻNow. Thanks to the age old thought disseminated under a universal banner, the akashic field connects every metaphysical ideal to one another, to us and to all forms of knowing. A true gift to the mind of mankind. It will sculpt your mind into a higher kind of receiver.

In Science and the Akashic field, Lazlo approaches the idea from a grounded perspective reaching into the abstracted realm of quantum physics, metaphysics, non-ordinary reality and altered states of consciousness. The book is full of ideas and concepts that are both interesting and arresting throughout, and backed by scientific theory and explanation. Science and the Akashic field retains the easily understood language of a beginning, continuing the process of beginners mind or child-like revelry. Read this for an in-depth study of the concept the Akashic Field and how we attune to its vibratory rythms.

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