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On The Edge of Reality

The hidden technology, powers of the mind, quantum physics, paranormal phenomena, orbs, UFOSs, harmonic transmissions and crop circles

By Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews
Published 2013 by Career Press
315 pages with bibliography and resources, end notes, and index

Reviewed by Margaret Bartley

Both Colin Andrews and his wife Synthia have been leading some of the most interesting work in the area of edge phenomena.

When we come across events we don't understand, we tend to look for authority figures to help us put it in context. For some, Colin Andrews is one of those authority figures. By working with his wife, Synthia, who does personal therapy treatments using energy modalities, this book brings in a balance of research and experiential insight.

The underlying assumption of the book is that there is a deeper reality than the one our mainstream culture wants to deal with. We, as individuals, are capable of understanding this new way of looking at reality. We can share and learn about these new understandings outside the traditional structures of universities, media, and our jobs. We, as individuals, are an integral part of the universe. The new work being doing by outlier researchers can help us to better understand our world and our place in it.

This book is both an introduction to these new understandings and areas of study, as well as a record of what the Andrews themselves have experienced. It is an introduction to UFOs, orbs, global prophecies of Changing Times (including environmental collapse and solar events) and our innate human desire to grow and understand It also has a good list of resources to allow the reader to continue further research on her own.

One of the main areas of study is consciousness. What is it? What is the brain doing? Does the brain create consciousness, or only connect to it? Is consciousness an energy field that organizes the particles within? There is strong experiential evidence that the crop circles themselves are a biofeedback loop teaching people to better use their consciousness. He gives several stories of connections between crop formations and events in his life.

Another area they go into is the response of the Powers That Be to this new awareness. The ruling elite struggles to ensure this new information is used to enhance their control over the population. This book covers Chemtrails, weather modification, HAARP activities and military use of mind control. Again, the introductory nature of the material is supplemented by links for additional information in the Resources section.

The core of the book is Andrews' research into crop formations, his experience communicating with the Circle Makers, and his wife Synthia's experiences in using those energies for her healing practice. There is a deep correlation between understanding the big picture, and the work on a personal level. "As above, so below". They explore their personal histories in this work.

This is profound book written in a clear language, capable of informing and helping people at every level of understanding, which is not a trivial accomplishment.