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Healing Is Believing

Healing is Believing: A Journey Into Energy Healing

Jeri Mills, MD
Published by White Sage Press, 206 pages, March, 2013

Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant

Dr Mills is a physician, veterinarian, and Reike master teacher. This is her second book, and it consists of 16 vignettes how she has used reiki to heal people and animals, and also some glimpse into how the nurses and doctors in the hospitals she has practiced in have reacted to her work

She has a chatty, easy-going, first-person writing style that makes this a very easy book to read. She's lived in many different places, and so has stories from the southwest, to the woods of Northern Minnesota. All these stories took place in fairly rural areas, where animals were common.

She has an adventurous, might-as-well-try-it attitude toward the issues she has to deal with, and she shares some of the techniques she has used successfully in a wide variety of situations, from healing a broken bone, to staving off bad weather at a wedding.

At the end of the book, she gives a number of exercise and mediations she has studied from a variety of sources - Chinese traditional, Native American, and Buddhist Meditation.

She does a good job of explaining the preparation, as well as the techniques of these practices. The simple diagrams are clear and easy to understand. Most people will find this a useful and uplifting book.