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The Intuitive Spark:
Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, Your Family, and You
- (formally published under the title: The Wise Child,1999 -by Three Rivers Press)
Author: Sonia Choquette
Publisher :Hay House
Date of Publication: Nov 2007
Pages in Book: 256
Version Donated to collection: Paperback
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Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant

They say you should teach what you know and Choquette's book The Intuitive Sparks follows this advice wonderfully. Choquette, a third generation intuitive was blessed to grow up in a home where not only was the intuitive process accepted - It was openly encouraged as a means of solving everyday problems and issues. This book is based on many of the things the author learned growing up in such a supportive environment. It seeks to help parents teach through active example what following intuition is all about.

The strength of this book is the author�s message that when we stop divorcing ourselves from the blessing of intuitive knowledge, our whole life will open up to it�s greatest potential. For those who might have a desire to spice up their kid�s Psy abilities in hopes of having their child be the next John Edward or James VanPraagh, this book isn�t about platform psychic skills. This is not the book for psychic stage moms!

This book is about intuitive self-acceptance and nurturance. Psychic ability is presented in a healthy non-spooky manner. I so enjoyed it that I am buying a copy for my personal collection. For any parent or grandparent thinking they just might want to do more to help support their young one�s intuition, this book would be an amazing resource!!