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The Other Side and Back:
A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond
- by Sylvia Browne

Publisher: Signet Inspirational

Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant

I felt this book helped me understand some of the people I know who are Sylvia-ittes as I call them. This book coming before the two news I just read helped me understand better some of her concepts such as our life Blue Prints and dark entities. This book helped me understand why I would never join Sylvia�s �religion� beyond just the odd tummy feel I get about it. This book I think more openly exposes some of Sylvia�s beliefs better than her newer books.

In Sylvia�s world we reincarnate to experience life and some of what we sign up for is to do or have done to us bad things. She talks about her belief that dark entities/souls reincarnate as soon as they die �that they never get to go to Heaven. She has God sending all the bad people to us here on Earth over and over till the end of �time�. In the end, Sylvia has the dark entities lose their distinct personalities and become absorbed back into God. Sylvia says she doesn�t believe in possession � she thinks dark souls are born to be evil and can be only what they are.

She writes that dark entity souls � of which she says her mother was one � don�t have guardian angels or spirit guides. Sylvia encourages light people to distance away from dark entities. Her concept of the evil seed goes against the very Christian concepts she used to base her religion somewhat on. The Bible has Jesus when encountering a possessed person � kicking the invading spirits out. I think Obsession/Possession though extremely rare is something very real and that one might not want to think twice about getting a property or person exorcised if the situation warranted it
At one point in her book Sylvia described pretending to see things around some clients sent to her by others due to the client�s mental instability and belief that their condition was caused by the unseen. Sylvia stated she clearly did not see the things described by the clients and yet pretended to in order to make statements and do actions that would be perceived as a cure. Some would say the ends justified the means in such a case. What is the danger in using �spirit� as placebo? I say a lot.

I do not endorse lying to anyone about what one sees, feels or experiences in spirit. I would think this would go against the essence of Spirit. These stories written by Browne in her own book had me questioning under what other circumstances would she possibly lie because of a belief that the ends might justify the means. It is a test many of us have faced in non-psychic situations. It is tempting I know. But, to lie about what one is getting in spirit takes it to a very dangerous place that I do not suggest anyone go to.