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Tarot for Writers
- by Corrine Kenner

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
2009 384 pages

Tarot for Writers is one of those books that could should have been written many times before, alongside others such as Tarot for: artists, musicians, dancers, lovers, motherfuckers, et all; the idiots guide to specified Tarot. But no, this is the first for authors.

Really, there is not much new information here. The book is a collection of tarot concepts long since to have been published a thousand times, and a synthesis of these with writing concepts taught to every high-school English student. Contents include Tarot basics, a how to section, and spreads and layouts; character development, story and plot, setting and description, and writing prompts and exercises; then a detailed surmising of each card of the Major and Minor Arcanas.

But I like this book. It is a concise gathering of terms and concepts of two diverse fields that reinforces the relation of word and symbol in such a way that is informative, interesting, and relatively inspiring.

Pick this book for new ways to conquer writers block, for off-the-cuff story telling, for random generation of mythic meanderings or kind-of ad-libbed storytelling, and most importantly, new creative tools from the fountainhead of occultural knowledge.

Read it and weep.