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Temples on the Other Side:
How the Wisdom from Beyond the Veil Can Help You Right Now
- by Sylvia Browne

Date of Publication Release: January 2008

Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant

I want to start by saying I don�t buy into Sylvia�s self founded religion of the Society of Novus Spiritus. I don�t necessarily even know if Sylvia Browne is in fact a real medium, channel or psychic. However, putting all that aside I really liked this book for purely entertainment reasons. I spent quite an enjoyable day lying on the lawn in my backyard reading this book in the warm Seattle sun while sipping coffee. One doesn�t necessarily have to take the book as the way the truth on the other side has to be to enjoy this book. The book has heavy reincarnation assumptions.

Those who are slightly inclined toward Science Fiction might really like how she described home/heaven as some non-time place where the great minds /souls/characters of time keep honing and developing themselves and trying to improve our world. A place where one day just maybe go to and there get to see a new Shakespeare play never before performed or to hear Pavarotti sing a new song I�ve never heard him sing before. I loved how this book paints the next life as much more than sitting on a bunch of clouds singing the same songs over and over. Is it true how Sylvia presents this book is how things are concretely on the other side? Hmm something says � no � but when I get there I shall send word back to let someone know. =)