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The Biology of Belief
Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
- by Bruce Lipton, PhD
Published by Northstar
2005 - 224 pages
Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant
Bruce Lipton is considered a maverick in many scientific circles. He has had a long career as a cell biologist but broke away from traditional thought when he began to accumulate evidence that we are NOT slaves to our genes, as biology has traditionally taught. He notes that 95% of cancer has NO hereditary influence and is actually a result of our focus and environment in terms of stress and limiting beliefs. He also points out "the placebo effect" as evidence that belief is pivotal to our biology, health and reality.

He discovered that our genes and cells are actually in part malleable and greatly influenced by our environment and thoughts. Although this can initially seem like a negative if we had bad things happen to us during our formative years, it can also be used to our advantage once we are fully aware of these dynamics. He links cell biology to quantum physics, which has shown that the atom is "invisible" energy, and that everything is energy at its elemental level. This adds further credence to the idea that our thoughts and beliefs have profound effects on our biology and reality. Seemingly invisible energies influence cells at the subtle level.

His experiments showed that the nucleus of a cell, which contains our DNA, is NOT the brain of the cell as science once thought; the brain of the cell is actually the CELL MEMBRANE, which has receptors and receives stimuli such as chemicals in the body and also vibrational frequencies (thoughts, beliefs and energy from people and situations in our environment) through the body's subtle energy system - the meridians and chakras. It then creates the corresponding behavior of the cell. Cell growth and expansion happens in a positive, loving, safe environment. Fear and the need for protection shuts down cell growth. A cell connot be in both states; it is either in growth or protection mode.

Lipton invites us to ask ourselves what beliefs of our own might be influencing our genes? What environmental stimuli, past and present, might be determining our biology and life experience? Beliefs are derived from information "downloaded" from our environment and lead to conclusions about ourselves and the world. We really don't see the world quite as it is - we see the world AS WE ARE. The world has everything in it, but we are tuned in to specific frequencies (our "reality") rooted in our beliefs. Beliefs control perceptions and what we manifest in life!

Fortunately with techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Energy Medicine, changing old beliefs is possible. It takes some detective work and persistence, but it is very much like rewriting outdated files on a computer (i.e. your unconscious.) The challenge is to locate these "files" (limiting beliefs), which can be done through a series of questions + applied kinesiology (muscle testing), introspection, meditation, hypnosis, or by paying attention to intuitions and dreams. Our lives are actually a "print-out" of our unconscious beliefs, so we need only look at our present reality to get an idea of what beliefs are driving us. Changing our beliefs boils down to shifting or neutralizing the particular energy photons of those beliefs in our electromagnetic field. EFT and similar meridian therapies do this rather elegantly once the culprit errant beliefs and corresponding experiences that caused them are brought to light.

The Biology of Belief is a fascinating read full of lots of clinical examples, photos and diagrams to back up Lipton's ideas. Bruce Lipton has been called "the spiritual biologist" and does ambitious work in this book connecting biology, sociology, quantum physics and spirituality. The result is a comprehensive look at the forces at play in the body, mind and spirit throughout the course of a human lifetime.

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