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The Dreamspell
- by Dr. Jose Arguelles
A review by Jaxob Crider

My first encounter with the Dreamspell occurred on June 3rd, 2007 (Alpha 5, Rabbit Moon of the Red Magnetic Moon Year).

There are many terms (like those parenthesized above) that may sound "alien" to you at first...and rightly so, for this is no ordinary time you are’s extraordinary. One of the resounding ideas stated by the Law of Time: THINK CO(S)MICALLY. The more outlandish and otherworldly, the better. So...although you are probably programmed to the 12:60 frequency (the Gregorian calendar, the "toy clock" and the linear: past/present/future) you are taking your first steps into New Time right NOW. The only time it ever could have happened because (what they don't teach you in school)’s all happening NOW.

Pardon me. So...what is the Dreamspell? To put it simply, it is a device used to put you in harmony with the Cosmos through the lens of Mayan cosmology. More so, it is a "[s]cience for binding together the patterns and effects of the thirteen dimensions...[and] [b]asis for sciences of pulsar-riding, time travel and time magicks...," so writes Valum Votan (Jose Arguelles), the Closer of the Cycle (primary proponent of the Law of Time on Earth).

The 13-moon, 28 day count is a solar/lunar/galactic perpetual synchronizing tool...The 13-moon/28 day calendar is a perfection of harmony that reflects and is synchronized by synchronic order...its perfection of cycles of time are in absolute harmony with the higher dimensional order of reality.

To change your mind, change your time.

My personal experience with it is thus: it seems to perpetuate cyclical harmonic ideations which may reverberate both ways through the moments I send them; the correlative nature of the 13 galactic tones and 20 solar seals transport themselves effortlessly into other systems (such as mysticism, art, science, interpersonal relationships, sexuality, etc.), and resonate perfectly within; have arisen the increasing number of chance occurrences, coincidences, deja vus, time loops, reality glitches, slowing downs/speeding ups, synchronicities; dream time insolubilia; etc, all by which we file under the blanket term (if it is found to be meaningful), synchronic order. And all this appears to be on an incline, which must peak at a time in which everything is one synchronicity. 2012 or bust.

Thus the Dreamspell has changed my identity. Change is welcome. Aye, it’s the only constant phenomena. This reality, this world, this species: we need some extraordinary change.

To change your mind, change your time.
Now, The War has started. You can see it is a terrible War. No War is ever great, but this one-this is the Mother of All Wars. This is the way History and civilization must finally come to an end. It may be the End Times-but must it be the end of time? Can there be a new beginning in a New Time? This is the fundamental question we must ask ourselves.

- Pacal Votan and Judgment Day by Jose Arguelles.

The SML has seven books authored by Dr. Arguelles; many out of print 2012/mayan calendar/dreamspell packets; the Telektonon game board, as well as a few pocket 13 moon calendars, FREE, on location at the library.

Books by J. Arguelles include:

* The Transformative Vision
* Mandala
* Earth Ascending
* The Mayan Factor
* Time and the Technosphere
* Surfers of the Zavuya
* The Arcturus Probe
* coming soon: Cosmic History Chronicles Book I and II.

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