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Everything Happens for a Reason:
Love, Free Will, and the Lessons of the Soul
- by Suzane Northrop

Publisher: Northstar 2, LLC (November 2004)
267 pages

Gifted to the Seattle Metaphysical Library by Northstar 2, LLC/Suzane Northrop.

Reviewed by Stephanie Merchant

When compiling my list of books to acquire for the Seattle Metaphysical Library’s mediumship collection, the works of veteran medium Suzane Northrop immediately came to mind. This wasn’t because of Northrop’s apparent fame nor because I’d ever seen any her books on any of the National Best Selling Book lists. When I asked a fellow volunteer about what she thought of Northrop as a medium the response was to ask who Northrop even was. With that said, I knew my choice was on track!

Over time doubts plagued me over my choice of this book to review for my first review for the library. On the very day and hour I picked up this book from the library, a friend was having major surgery. In the light of such things– I really wasn’t inclined toward reading a book entitled Everything Happens for a Reason. Taking the book home I wanted to throw it across the room and tell it to go screw itself. I put the book away for awhile. Over time and with my friend’s making progress on her road to recovery – I was able to approach the book without having such a reaction to the title.

In Everything Happens for a Reason, Northrop shoots right from the hip and heart about her experience as a trance medium and her clients’ reactions/ benefits from the work she does for them and for spirit. Despite the book’s seemingly general title – this is mostly a book about Mediumship and grief.

This book doesn’t attempt to give simple answers to the complex struggles each and everyone one of us faces in life. Instead, Northrop tries to encourage people toward exploring the acceptance that there is a unseen plan for each and everyone one of us and that quite possibly what may seem like such a tragedy in the moment may have been part of that plan all along. I got the impression at times s he seemed to be saying that the greatest tragedies in life aren’t the things that happen to us – but how we react to them. Do we face tragedy by becoming bitter or do we find a way to grow through the pain?

Northrop doesn’t paint over the sadness of loss as if knowing that there is a reason in any way lessons the actual pain of a loved one’s passing. She treats the subject of sadness at another’s passing with the seriousness and respect it deserves. She treats the subject as someone who is familiar with other people’s deep pain at losing loved ones and wanting to know all the whys.

Having attended a couple of Northrop’s talks I can say that the approach she presents in her books is how she throws it down in her live presentations. Neither her books nor her presentations are geared with the intention of garnering fame at the expense of spiritual integrity. Northrop’s style is one part farm girl meets two parts New Yorker. I know this may seem to be an odd mixture. Yet, somehow it works and in a way that no “Hollywood”ized psychic production ever will. Tough yet tender is a great way to explain Suzane Northrop.

Whether in approaching such delicate topics of suicide or in the importance of life insurance Northrop talks of there being no easy way out in life and that we must think not just of how our life impacts ourselves but think of our life’s impact on others as well. It is never too late to do the right thing or to say I love you is a message Northrop constantly gives to everyone around her – whether they listen or not! As a medium she constantly reminds people -it is never too late to say such precious words as: I love you! I forgive you! I wish you well! Or if need be--- I forgive myself!

While this book doesn’t present vastly new insights on the process of mediumship, it does presents the unique experiences of one medium’s work and of her clients walk though the healing process. You don’t have to believe in the same beliefs that Northrop espouses to in order to find some value in this book. I found that one could take what one connected to within the book without feeling burdened to buy into the rest of the authors beliefs. I found the book of such merit that I am mailing a copy of this book to a friend who is struggling with the recent loss of a parent. If you or someone you know is struggling with grief this book may be of help.

If you want to see Northrop, the most economical bet is to see go see her speak at one of her group talks and take the chance you might be one of the people she reads from the crowd. Northrop is one of the most dedicated readers of individuals in a crowd situation of any medium I have seen in action.

For those who like this book - I predict the best is yet to come from Northrop!

Should you contact Suzane Northrop through her website or at a live presentation please do let her know you found out about her from the Seattle Metaphysical Library.

Notes on Northrop: This medium was one of the mediums tested in Gary Schwartz’s Afterlife Experiments. Her level of psychic ability was greater than all the other male mediums tested! You go Girl!